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At Corps 88
The Cadet program involves a number of mandatory field exercises (camping excursions).  These exercises which take place in the fall, winter and spring enable cadets to learn many outdoor and survival skills and are always enjoyed by cadets and officers alike.  They also have team activities and challenges and cadets come away from them with some great memories.Once these have been completed, the cadets can move on to "zone level" expeditions.  These field exercises include cadets from other corps in the local zone .  When silver and gold zone training is achieved, cadets can apply for further opportunities to specialized camps, regional training, and on to national and international excursions and exchanges.
Region Training

Zone and Regional training are offered at different points in a cadet's career.  Gold and Silver ZET (zone expedition training) takes place with cadets from other corps in the same region.  These are a great way to expand your knowledge and skills while meeting fellow cadets from the area and everyone has a great time.  Once both of these levels are complete, cadets can apply to regional expeditions.  There are two expeditions per year, one in the summer and one in the winter.  It's really hard to pick, too!  Winter expeditions involve snow shoeing, camping and dog-sledding.  Summer activities include camping, hiking and white water canoeing.  All of these are earned reward trips based on  individual accomplishments.

At Corps 88

The expedition program is the ultimate training experience for a cadet - and it's part of the FREE program offered by the cadet program.  Competition for a spot on these trips is fierce, but the successful applications have an experience that will stay with them for a lifetime.  After the Zone and Regional training experiences, and once Adventure Instructor training is complete, cadets are usually eligible to apply.  More information on the Expediton program can be found by clicking this button:

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